The 3Ms and how they travel

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How ironic

EvokeEmotion wrote:

My 3 Ms. Different colors for easy identification.

I put them in an old Sony camcorder bag about the size of a loaf of bread.

In another thread you made fun of people pimping out their M's, and stating that you prefer the minimalist approach of the M. Yet, you are toting around three bodies, each with its own lens, for a total camera/lens weight of more than 3 lbs. (50.4 oz.). But wait, I forgot. With that 3 pounds of gear, you can cover the astounding focal range of 11-55mm. And only in ambient light, because you don't have a flash in the bag. Any Rebel, and many higher models, would at least have a built-in flash, usable for fill purposes. Yeah, this is a minimalist approach for sure.


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