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same old ignorance

Wasn't this explained before? There is no such thing as a fast sensor. There are sensors which may be better by  1/3 to 1/2 stop or so - say 30% better. There are lenses which are better by 800% - 3 stops or more.

It's ridulous to think a sensor can make up for a tiny lens.

seilerbird666 wrote:

Quite a while ago in fact.

However there still are a few people who watch Betamax tapes, listen to records and use a land line so there will always be a few people who refuse to come into the modern world. They hang on to past technologies like it is a winning lottery ticket. They refuse to admit that new technology is better and they refuse to even try it.

Or maybe they tried it and died laughing? Did you ever think I can use all that new technology AND a fast lens and beat any performance you can dream of?

High ISO cameras, advanced shooting modes, Photoshop, and image stabilization have all contributed to making fast lenses a thing of the past.

Photoshop and IS have been around forever. What do you think has suddenly changed? IS doesn't stop subject motion, or change DOF.

The economics are amazing. A Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS lens is $2500. The exact same lens in f4 costs $1000. While there might be a few people in the world that can justify spending $1500 for one more stop, the overwhelming majority would laugh at such an idea.

Amazing I'll tell you. Simply amazing. Do you think maybe that's why they gave people a choice, so they can match budget to performance and needs?

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