Mac Mini VS similarly priced custom build PC

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Re: Mac Mini VS similarly priced custom build PC

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Ah, decisions decisions. Heart says Mac, logic points to the PC

If money is no issue, then logic points to the PC; this is true.

? It's usually true when money IS the issue. PC/Hackers main motivation is almost always to spend less (or the same and get more performance) and get more headache.

When you rely on the computer for business headache means lost money.


That's the thing. People who build their PCs (or Macs) claim they saved money, but often don't realize that they paid with their time instead. If your PC cost $300 less to build than a comparable Mac, but you spent 4 hours resolving(or even just researching) some component issues, and you can typically charge $100/hr for your services, then the PC ended up costing more than the Mac.

and you don't realize that they probably are not doing that during the time when they can bill $100/hr, do you ?

Your free time time is even more valuable. That's why I stopped being a build your own computer geek many years ago and bought my first Mac.

Exactly. If you want to not be paid for an hour, better that it come out of your time at the office than out of your time with the family.

By the way, on the subject of future expandability, last week a guy hacked an external GPU card to a MacBook Air via the Thunderbolt port. There are reasons why that is not commercially viable yet, but that is where these Macs are going. Desktop-class RAIDs and expansion cards available through Thunderbolt expansion chassis so that the main computer can be small and affordable. Apple is clearly going in this direction with the new Mac Pro too.

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