Lenses for an South African Safari

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Re: Lenses for an South African Safari

I've never been to a safari, but part of the things you need to know in advance are:

- Will you be constantly in a vehicle (offroad vehicle, truck) ?

- Will the vehicle be constantly moving, just slowing down for sightseeing, or will it actually stop ?

- If it's a truck / open bus and it stops - will it cut the engine, or idle ?

It sounds like nothing, but the differences between the different possible answers to these questions are the differences between you never being able to drop the speed below something quite fast, and you being able to actually use your image stabilization.

Don't ask how I know this Never been at a safari, but my kids dragged me to Disney animal park (don't laugh, it's still elephants and trucks :D), and I can say that I have yet to see an IS which would be able to deal with this thing bouncing in all possible directions and then some, even at pedestrian speeds, while trying to take a shot.

PS: As for the choices themselves - I'd leave only the Bigma, the 35mm and the EX tube at home (or better - I'd bring them and leave them at the hotel the first day). EC's are light and small, the 150mm is too good to be left home, the 12-60mm and 50-200mm are too versatile to be left home.

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