Amazed at how many people are pre-ordering the GX7!

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Re: Amazed at how many people are pre-ordering the GX7!

grey0135 wrote:

GX7 looks great on paper. Looking at the Amazon rankings, I'm just amazed at how many people have pre-ordered without any knowledge about how the sensor actually performs, and what the actual image quality is like.

Cameras don't live and die by their sensors, contrary to how this forum might make it appear.

Think of it this way: Anyone that has not bought a (m43) camera since the OM-D was released is basically guaranteed to see an improvement in sensor performance with the GX7. Moreover, because such people didn't buy a Sony sensor camera yet, clearly sensor performance isn't what's solely dictating their purchasing. So if someone is happy with their GX1 (for example), the GX7 offers a massive set of new features and any boost to IQ is just icing on the cake.

I'd think that the only people that might consider IQ the major deciding point are those who already own a Sony sensor and are worried that the IQ of the GX7 might be a 'downgrade'.

That said, it does surprise me a little that people preorder before detailed reviews and sample shots are available. However, I'd chalk this up to generally being able to cancel a preorder before it ships, so they can always change their mind as more information comes out. (Personally, I'd probably have preordered if I was more certain that, regardless of how good the GX7 was, I wanted my next big purchase to be a body and not a lens.)

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