What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: What computer to easily process D800 files?

hajagosb wrote:

At the moment, I'm using an almost two years old Dell XPS laptop with SSD drive, 16GB RAM and i7 processor running Windows 8. It should be fast.

I'm doing heavy retouching often, 2-4 GB layered Photoshop files and sometimes for events processing a lot of files in Lightroom. And my computer feels kind of slow for both.

What do you have, where it's really fast in response? What should i focus on choosing a new computer, more memory, or faster processor? I'm going for a desktop now.

Your computer is fast enough, in case you don't find it so, I'd recommend a fresh install of Windows 7 if you can get it, I know without having many things on the startup, with that setup it should easily process D800 files. I have something very similar and I don't have any issues working with photoshop/LR 4/5. I don't have any experience on Windows 8, so I cant comment on it. FYI this is my config (I put everything together)

Corsair 800D case

Core i7 @ 5Ghz with a custom water cooled setup on Asus Maximus IV Extreme.

16gb Ram (4x4gb)

160x2 Sata III SSD's in Raid 0 for OS and programs, and several other TB hdds.

2 X GTX 580 cards in SLI.

Corsair HX 12000 W psu.

27" Monitor

At the time (3yrs ago) it came to be about $2500+ , but I don't think it will need an upgrade anytime soon.

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