What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Make your own!

When Dell or anyone else for that matter sells a computer, they sell inferior parts or over-inflated prices. When you build your own computer, you are in charge of what is in the computer.

And *EVERYTHING* matters. The computer I am building has the following:

A 1200 Watt Power Supply. (A lot of people don't even think about this part of the computer, but a good power supply with clean power is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle).

A 30" widescreen, 1 Billion Color monitor. They're very cheap at about $1000.

A single Video-Card. I'm not interested in playing the SLI game. 1 Card does enough, provided you spend some reasonable green on it. I'm looking at the GTX 680 for myself.

A $300 motherboard. I don't need the $500 board with quad or tri-SLI since I'm only using 1 card. So the 1 card solution is saving me the better side of a grand.

A SSD C:Drive. A drive for my games, docs, folders, and stuff. A drive for my photos. A drive for my videos. And copies of all drives. If I could do so, I would simply buy 1 SSD or 1 SSD and 1 Hard-drive, but 2TB is max for my preferred western digital black drives, so I'll suffer until technology catches up to me.

A $300 full-tower service case, so I can push a button and pull out a hard-drive for backup purposes, etc. I do believe in the RAID system, but I don't believe in losing all my data because I don't have a backup in a different physical location.

I always spend $300-$400 on a processor. I think the 3870 is thereabouts now.

And 64 Gigs of RAM.

Will I need all this stuff???  I've been building computers since 1996 and the answer is a *RESOUNDING YES*, because I always end up lagging behind after a couple of years. Now I could buy cheaper, twice as often; but I have to tell you that it's quite fun having a computer that almost no one can match (at least for a year).
Anyway, that's my computer plans.

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