Reality check..... and lens quality....

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Reality check..... and lens quality....

Every second thread in the Nex forum is about the quality of the Nex lenses and

why there is no special G lens in the Kit range.....

The Nex camera and the lenses are a compromise... thats what the system is all about.

The philosophy of that system is to make a  very small lightweight camera all around the price range

that is affordable for many users......

There might be a lens with bigger dimensions and G rated but both the size and the

price will rise... just like the rumored FF Nex will only be constructed at a certain quality level

with a very low (rumored F2.8) speed for a prime...

Look at the Fuji system... some of the lenses might be a tad better but a lot of them stick out

of the body longer too ! Once you reach L glass quality and F 2.8 in zooms you reach

both 1500 $ and DSLR lens sizes which is something that you wouldnt want the Nex system

to be...

In order to get quality of lenses that you would accept Sony with the Nex system relies heavily

on electronic enhancements like distortion control.....

For those with very deep pockets Zeiss will make and already makes a full program of Touit lenses....

Those lenses will not only be expensive but also  quite a bit bigger...

Sony is making lenses for a broad audience at affordable prices and small sizes..

and I tested them they arent very bad.. !


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