Is now a good time to purchase a DP 2 Merrill, is a DP successor around the corner?

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Re: Is now a good time to purchase a DP 2 Merrill, is a DP successor around the corner?

maxotics wrote:

That is excellent to know. The reason I was tempted to hold back was so I could get the next iteration which should be better in terms of not just image quality/sorted out niggles but mostly improved battery life!

I don't find the battery life to be so bad for the size battery. Bigger batteries mean more weight and size. It easy enough to pack 3 batteries. It's impossible to cut weight and size from a camera where the manufacturer has designed in a big battery. Like you said, you can buy an A/C adapter and/or hook up to external battery.

I can live with it, no doubt, but other cameras (specifically Ricoh GR) do get much more out of similar sized batteries, and thus the expectation.

Also these li-something batteries lose a charge quickly. More important you remember to charge them, than their size. A weird thing I like about these cameras is they force you to think and to plan accordingly. It sounds like you already do this. This all goes to say I don't believe the batteries will ever be good enough. Improvements will be minor. Sort of like freeways in Los Angeles. No matter how many lanes they build, it takes you 2 hours to get home

I understand that the Foveon sensor and its dual processor setup is a power hungry setup. But as with all technology - computers and phones for example, the battery technology doesn't progress that much, the hardware architecture and software is optimized to reduce power consumption with succeeding generations while increasing performance. Which leads me to believe that it is inevitable that the next generation of DP successors will be much more power efficient.*

*assuming they upgrade their processors and don't add more features/sensels that offset power optimizations elsewhere.

Time to just purchase a battery pack!

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