Is now a good time to purchase a DP 2 Merrill, is a DP successor around the corner?

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Re: Is now a good time to purchase a DP 2 Merrill, is a DP successor around the corner?

Gesture wrote:

Doesn't seem like they have been out long at all. Adorama seems to have them at $800, which I think is extremely competitive with Coolpix A, Ricoh GR and Fuji and Sony APS-C sensor mirrorless cameras.

I know that $800 seems like a bargain for those who are going to buy for the Foveon sensor anyway, but I think we're a pretty small minority. The other cameras you mentioned are waay more cameras for that price point - especially the Ricoh GR. I almost bought that one. The only thing that stopped me was the FOVEON sensor.

If you haven't check out the Ricoh GR, I would urge you to, it is a truly remarkable camera (and it's actually pocketable) and at $800 new, it's nothing short of a steal.

It's hard to imagine a new sensor and I don't expect Sigma to bring on new resources to improve the camera's non-sensor/non-lens infrastructure.

I don't know why they wouldn't be working on a new sensor with all guns blazing. Canon and Sony are both rumored to be working on Foveon type sensors (from my limited reading of rumors) and Sigma has a magic bullet in their stable. This is something that will allow them to sell Sigma bodies (and that has got to be better in multiple ways than selling third party lenses only). And they have the truly distinguishing feature to break Canikon's domninance. I believe they are working their asses off trying to get new sensor/cameras out the door. Time will tell, of course.

Sigma seem to be focusing on new lenses right now and I believe its first priority beyond lenses should be a more modern flagship camera-Live View, etc. Even if one prefers an OVF for most shooting, Live View is wonderful for working on a tripod.

A sub-$1200 ILC of any sort with a new Foveon sensor should be a market shaker. One of those, and one pro-level DSLR with the foveon sensor, full frame or not, and boom, Sigma can become a major player.

Exciting times.

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