best way to store Epson inks

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Re: best way to store Epson inks

Sal Baker wrote:

I recently replaced a couple of carts that had been in the printer (3880) for over 3-years.  I never agitated them, just left them alone.  They worked perfectly until they finally ran out of ink.  New sealed carts will probably last for many years.


Replies received so far are good.  If you plan to keep the ink cartridges for an extended period, perhaps storing (in plastic bag(s)) in a refrigerator (NOT a Freezer) will be helpful.  That is what I do and I have never had a bad Cartridge, due to age.  I have and use only 4 Epson printers and the oldest is the 2200 and with it I rarely use Photo Black ink cartridge with this printer but continue occasionally to use the partially used Photo Black Cartridge that was shipped with the printer over 8 years ago and I observe absolutely NO difference in Print Quality/etc with this cartridge even at that age.

I usually use the R800 printers and/or the 3880 when using papers that use the Photo Black ink.  However, most of my printing is using Matte type papers that use the Matte Black ink.

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