Sigma 35 1.4 on 6D

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Re: Sigma 35 1.4 on 6D

clarkent1234 wrote:

People can rave about this lens as much as they want. But it comes with its issues.

Biggest is lack of ability to lock focus sometimes in low dim rooms. Something a less sharp 35L doesn't have issues with.

I've tested both for my style. At a non-billboard size, the sigma doesn't look sharper.

So the question for people is: a new $1000 sigma worth it over a legendary/tested 35L at $850-950

hmm...what does this have to do with the OP??  Also the Sigma sells for 900$ and the legend sells for 1330$, where are you getting your numbers??  I got mine from Amazon.

Well it does have a lot to do with consistency. In his example the camera thinks a different lens is on. Other issues could follow

I was talking used. So both can be had for the same amount.

Kijiji/eBay people are selling 35L for the siggy, that's the assumption why so many are out there now for a bargain and a half.

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