C+C: Emma and Alex

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Re: C+C: Emma and Alex

XFitter wrote:

good points, I've realized one of my biggest improvements is to get the kids/parents to look at the camera more.

I guess that would depend on the shot you are going for if you consider that good or bad. IMO it varies from shot to shot. The first one is great. Especially the comp and focal point.

The lens is a Canon 70-200 2.8 IS mk I on a 5d mk II body. I was shooting at 2.8 or 4.0 for most of the shots.

That makes sense. I really only shoot with primes and my staple L Series wide angle for interior/real estate. I'm used to the prime lenses have a realllyyyy smooth bokeh. Other than quality and the obvious things, I strongly consider how many aperture blades a lens contains when I purchase. I dont know if you have or havent used or owned one, but try out a nice quality prime. For your type of shoots they'd really take some shots up to the next level without doing anything different on your part. Sharp a bit more color compared to a telephoto (provided you dont get a cheap one).

keep it up

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