GX7 "Silent Mode"

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Is the sensor readout with electronic shutter still ~1/10s or ist it faster to avoid tearing problems?

Since it can do 40 fps it's got to be faster than 1/40 s, probably at least 1/80 s.

The 40fps SH burst shot on the GH2 is only achieved at reduced resolution. OTOH the 1/10s readout might not limit the FPS rating because there is no reason not to start capture N+1 even if you are still doing the readout of the bottom lines from capture N.

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Duarte Bruno

Fair point about the reduced resolution, we'll have to wait for more detailed specs and reviews.

On the other hand, if the readout is 1/10s, you cannot have more than 10 fps. You can start the next capture early, but you can't start the next readout until the previous one is finished: no more that 10 readouts per second, so no more than 10 frames per second.

You don't have to read out the whole sensor, but can instead skip rows/columns.  So even if it takes 1/10s to read the entire sensor, you can still pull of sub-images faster.  This is how things like 30-60fps live view, 30-60fps video, 120-240fps auto focus can even if the full readout is much slower (see the GH3 as proof).

While they don't list the resolution of the SH mode (40fps) resolution, they do indicate that in the H burst mode (5fps shuttered) the electronic shutter offers of 10.0 fps.  While I wouldn't consider that concrete evidence of a 1/10s readout, it certainly does look like it...

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