Panasonic 7-14mm Filter

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The best solution seems to be the rear filter holder from the Panasonic fisheye. It is available as a spare part from Panasonic. AndersW has written about the conversion.

So is there a 10 stop ND filter that will fit that?

Gels provide about the most comprehensive choice of filters you can find. So, yes, of course. The strongest Kodak (Tiffen) gel ND filter available has a transmission rate of 0.01 percent. Density Filters&tablename=kodakaccessories&family=Kodak+Professional+Accessories

Interesting. I didn't realise there was such a wide choice available. Ta for that link.

Does make you wonder why the manufacturers of these bulbous ultrawide lenses don't stick a rear filter holder in as standard, given that so many photographers still have a desire for using NDs.

Yes. I think it's self-evident that any lens that can't take filters up front should have the option to do so somewhere else, e.g., at the rear. In this case, Panasonic overlooked the issue when designing the 7-14 but recognized it later, when designing the 8 mm fisheye. What still surprises me is that they didn't grab the chance to just do what I did already on the production line for the 7-14: Add the filter holder they were already manufacturing for the 8 mm.

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