Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

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Re: The EOS-M and its future.

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The EOS-M is proving wildly successful for Canon.

I didnt read the whole post (so you might just be joking) but I did find the first sentence amusing.

I think we should look a bit at the data. For the first 6 months of this year 167,000 mirrorless cameras have been shipped to the Americas which represents 2% of total digital camera shipments. In June, a total of 10,200 mirrorless were shipped to the US representing 1% of total digital camera shipments. DSLRs have outshipped mirrorless 9:1 in the first six months and 25:1 in June.

Now lets make a reasonably heroic assumption that the EOS-M has taken a 15% market share - there are 8 players in the market and no one camera took more than 11% share last year in Japan. Now that implies 20,000 units in the first 6 months and 40,000 for the year. Now Canon aims to sell around 4m DSLRs in the US this year, so its DSLRs are going to outsell its mirrorless by 100:1 and the DSLRs will have an higher average unit sales value.

So mirrorless is an unmitigated disaster in the US. Canon has little to no reason to continue to market a product that probably accounts for less than 1% of its DSLR business and which almost certainly represents an irritating distraction from both the company's core business as well as their customer base.

canon makes and sells alot of items - some of which probably sell far less than the EOS-M. imaging (DSLR's, cameras,etc) is only one of canon's "core businesses". they can afford a loss in the united states if it helps build the market, and at the same time builds that market with the majority of users with a canon MILC.

united states is not a market that has really adopted mirrorless for sure. if it's a disaster for canon (who can afford the losses to try and create a market ) .. imagine what it is for other companies (outside of nikon)

it also makes you wonder about sony going full mirrorless,etc .. the adoption in the US just isn't there.

I agree that is one way of looking at it - mirrorless is only 1% of Canon's DSLR sales but it is an incremental 1%.

But there is another way of looking at it.

The ILC camera market in the US is working out pretty well for Canon at the moment. A lot of its major competitors - Fuji, Canon, Sony, Olympus etc are putting their resources into mirrorless a market 10% of DSLR and that is leaving Canon and Nikon pretty much a free rein over the other 90% of the market.

The problem with Canon being in mirrorless is that it grows awareness of 'mirrorless' to the whole camera market and to DSLR owners. Maybe a Canon system user tries the Canon EOS-M and finds that he is leaving his DSLR at home more often that not. He might start thinking that have a smaller more compact system is actually a pretty good idea. And when he starts thinking that there is a good chance he is going to look elsewhere other than Canon.

I dont suspect Canon is bothered if someone picks up a Canon EOS-M plus 22m instead of a Nikon Coolpix A/a Ricoh/a Fuji 100s but when he adds an 11-22 and starts thinking it might replace his 17-35 he doesnt look so good.

So we know exactly how much the Canon EOS-M adds to their DSLR business - 1% - we dont know its potential to cannibalize the other 99% of their ILC business.

I think you are right to question what anyone is getting out of the mirrorless business at the moment - certainly nobody is making a profit. Canon doesnt need to be in this business or expand the platform for others benefit. Other manufacturers arent left with much choice.

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