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birdloverintex wrote:

According to's review, the new Nexus 7 has removed support for OTG. So wireless drives are the only way to go for backup/image access with the new tablet, just like with the iPad.

I was alarmed to read that, so I quickly read the review. Much of it was impenetrable for me, but I do not see where the review said Google removed OTG support. Can you amplify on this? I had hoped this would be the tablet for me.

I screwed up. It was mentioned in another review which I now can't locate. Early adopters have been trying this, and this thread:

lists some of their findings.

It should be noted that the original Nexus 7 behaved exactly the same way as the new version does - the kernel support for OTG I/O is missing.  To get the Nexus 7 to support full I/O host mode, you have to overwrite the Android 4.3 OS shipped with the tablet with a modified one (called "rooting"), which voids the warranty.  Full host mode is something that Samsung tablets generally support natively.

What users of the Nexus 7 have found to work are two:

1. Use Nexus Media Importer.  This simple app supports read/write through a special app that works on stock Android 4.2 or 4.3.  Many satisfied users.

2. Use a wireless card reader/hub.  This is what I use (specifically, the Kensington Mobillite), and it has the great advantage of being both OS agnostic (the card reader/hub is accessed through an app, available on iOS or Android 4.x+), and capable of direct card-external storage device transfers in which the tablet simply initiates the transfer, but does not do anything else.  This allows for very fast SD card backup - about 10-12MB/sec, close to what USB2 is capable of.  Files can be accessed wirelessly from the tablet and transferred into local storage at will.  You can also use the Mobillite as a Wifi passthrough to allow you to surf the web while the transfer completes.

I'd advise to not be so worried about OTG support; there are many options now available to you that don't involve cables.

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