What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: What computer to easily process D800 files?

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[...] Well worth the it even though it feels kind of dated to buy a desktop/tower these days. Works though.


Dated? How so? If you don't need do take your computer with you then a desktop is a much better option. [...]

That's the problem, a desktop is not portable. With a laptop, docking station, monitor and keyboard you have in essence a portable desktop. Laptops are very powerful now. Many hi-tech companies solely use them in the docking station configuration.

You made need 7 drives but that's a special case. I don't need to keep more than a couple TB directly on my computer. The rest can go on external drive and NAS or even cloud based. Many of the big names in photography use them, Kelby, Timi Grey, Scott's sidekick Kowsloski (sp) and others. I don't care to edit on a laptop screen but it's nice to be able to pull a laptop off a docking station and go. Since I don't need to travel with my personal laptop that much my daughter has it now.

regards, David

I know that laptops are powerful, but still not nearly as powerful as desktops.  I work in an office where I dock my laptop into a docking station and have 2 big monitors, network, power, etc.  It's convenient but not a desktop replacement in a true sense.  If you need to keep a couple of TB of files on your laptop, how do you do that?  You need more than one internal hard drive, and forget running an SSD.

I select the hardware standards for my company, all of our laptops are SSD based, lightweight, and have docking stations in the office.  There is only one group, the engineers, that require a different type of laptop and they use mobile workstations.  These laptops are portable, yes, but not fun to carry around.  They are pushing 8 pounds with the power adapter but that is what they need.  They have dual hard drives, fast CPU, a lot of memory, and high end graphics to run AutoCAD.  Battery life is horrendous, something like one hour under heavy load.  We have tried several brands: Dell (Precision and Alienware), HP, Lenovo, they are all basically the same.

For me, I carry a lightweight laptop (Lenovo X1 Carbon) which is under 3 lbs, has a lot of memory, good battery life, a fast (though small) SSD, and 3G connectivity.  It serves me well as a mobile computing platform but it certainly won't do well if editing D800 files.

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