RX100 vs RX100M2 RAW samples from ISO100 to 6400

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SNR,WB,DR,color data rx100 vs rx100m2

Arn wrote:

Increased DR would certainly be a good thing - I didn't find RX100 M1's DR to be anything special, I was frankly surprised to find it pretty equal to Canon S95's DR. Can't say anything about RX100 M2's DR without experimenting myself, but if M2 gives consistently darker exposures than the M1, that might also create the impression of more recovery room in the highlights, yes? This would have to directly compared to the M1 with equivalent exposures to know for sure.

I'm surprised you'd say that since the RX100 DR measures even better than pretty much any Canon DSLR! And vastly better than the S95:


They did not at all measure 1 stop better SNR for the M2 vs the original, no surprise considering 40% efficiency increase only. They measured the SNR improvement to be only about a solid 1/3 stop, just enough to be able to notice but not too much of a big deal really.

DR about the same.

Tonal range a trace better, maybe you could barely spot the difference with very carefully comparisons.

Color sensitivity a solid 1/2 stop better at mid and high iso, not a huge difference but definitely should be enough to notice.

Sounds like chroma noise should be a very solid 1/2 stop better and luminance noise a solid 1/3 stop better. So it's better, just enough to be able to reasonably notice, but not by any large degree.

They found that the color response is different between the two and that you need to apply different coefficients. In terms of color-blindness they score basically the same, same for outdoors, a bare hint better for the M2 indoors. They see the same total number of colors basically, but have a slightly different gamut most likely. You need to apply a considerably different WB coefficient to produce identical WB.

A separate issue is what WB the camera thinks it needs and the M2 appears to suggest a more accurate one for sure for all lighting types other than some compact fluorescent where I feel the M2 actually suggests a much worse WB.

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