Kit killers

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Kit killers

Lets list the lenses that are definite kit killers wrt to pure IQ. With kit killer, I mean something that produces pictures that the standard 18-55 kit lens either can't produce or is worse at. Anything that overlaps this range is game. Something that starts very long is a compromise and loses browny points (eg. Minotla 35-105 which otherwise kills a kit no sweat). The lenses must clearly be much better. So something like the Minolta 28-85 f3.5-f4.5 probably won't suffice. It must be *sharp* without having to screw around too much with stopping down for one.

I'll start:

  • Tamron 17-50 f2.8
  • Sony 16-50 f2.8
  • Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4
  • Sony 35 f1.8
  • Minolta 28 f2.8
  • Minolta 50 f1.7 (negative points for it needing stopping to 2.2 at least)
  • Minolta 28-135 (negative points for it being hazy wide open)
  • Minolta 24-85
  • Minolta 24-105
  • Minolta 35-105 (- for long start)
  • Minolta 35-200 Xi (- for long start)
  • All CZ ones
  • Sony 16-105

With all of these, you'll definitely come home with something that is much better than what you get from the kit.

I don't consider the super zooms or the 18-135 kit killers, because they make too many compromises. Not sharp enough, CA, PF, distortions, etc. In essence, they are all worse than the kit, IMO, except they have extra range.

I'm missing a few primes here, and there have to be some other Minolta of this Jedia Knight calliper.

I'll compile another list after I see other ones listed. Would this list become absurdly large?

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