I'm thinking the xrite colorchecker passport is useless after reading this...

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Re: I've kinda given up and left lightroom for everything except asset management.

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I've hated the colors with lightroom for years. It's been many versions, and yes I know how to use the software. I've read books, attended seminars, subscribed to kelby training, and more. I just don't like it. Sure, I can fight with it and get acceptable results, but I still hate it. I'm using DxO more and more now. Also, i'm shooting with a 5d mark III.

First off, canon's faithful profile is pretty much spot on with what colors are real (just google the color accuracy of canon's profile, I'm not going to argue it). I mention this, because DxO's neutral rendering matches it color wise. You can still use the neutral DxO rendering with Nikon images too, there just isn't a compatible Nikon picture style. Still, DxO's neutral is spot on. Way nicer than ANYTHING out of lightroom. From there, you can tweak the image to your hearts content. Also, with their filmpack plugin, you get many creative options without having to buy VSCO, other plugins, etc.

Why stop there and continue using Lightroom for file management, which binds you to its catalogs?   Take a look at Photo Mechanic, a very fast and powerful browser.


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