*** Voting Booth is Open for CIC 98: Wide ***

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*** Voting Booth is Open for CIC 98: Wide ***

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay with the voting booth. It's good to go. We get an extra day due to the delay.

Thanks to all who've participated. Hope you enjoyed the challenge.

The voting booth is now open for Canon Image Challenge #98: Wide Photography.

• Everyone is welcome to vote even if they didn't participate in the challenge.

The voting booth can be found at http://www.liteserv.com/cicvotebooth

You have two days to vote. Voting Ends: Fri, August 2nd, 2013 23:59 UTC

The Challenge Galleries and description can be found here:

The main discussion thread is here:

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The following actions are NOT ALLOWED ----------------

1. Anonymous voting.

2. Voting for your own entries.

3."Stacking" the vote. Although anybody and everybody is encouraged to vote, do not ask friends and family to vote for your pictures. Because we use a "Voting Booth" we can, if needed, track votes by IP address or by ISP. Stacking the vote is easily detected!

4. Deleting or replacing entries after challenge period: Please do not delete or replace your entries once voting has started. Doing so might get you banned from the challenges for up to 6 months.

For those who would like to join us or just learn more about the challenges here are a few links:

• A complete list of Challenge Official Rules & Guidelines can be found at:

• If you are new to the Challenges, please add a self portrait to our Rogue's Gallery:

Thanks to all and have fun voting.

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