Challenges - What's The Value?

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Re: Challenges - What's The Value?

OldArrow wrote:

Anyone is free to understand what I write in the way they wish or can, as the words are only so much of an informative source. Interpretative powers or intentions of any reader are well out of my control.

Equally, if anyone wishes to translate my meaning into something abusive, inflammatory or malicious, or if anyone tries to misinterpret my intentions, it will also be recognized by the careful reader.

Thus, the original meaning won't change because anyone disagrees with it, nor will it be altered by any misinterpretation. I ceased caring long time ago about how my intentions become twisted and disfigured in other people's comments. Now I just note the general shapes and polarization of the reply.

This keeps me from careening from the original purpose, which is / was to try and augment the values of fair play, polite behavior, and respect for ethical values in such an creative activity as photography.

It may not be everyone's suit, but that can't be helped. The Challenges, however, can.

And, understood or not, that's all. For more explanation (repeated over and over), this Forum already has too many of my comments on that theme.

OldArrow, you have a distinguished and unique writing style that I enjoy and is a pleasure for me to read, but I do frequently wonder if I discerned your meaning correctly . So I would not at all be surprised if I have not always undersood you properly.

Your last sentence is very clear and I concur.


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