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Re: Fast sensors have made fast lenses obsolete

Although with my style of shooting an Fstop or two or reduced noise would maybe equal an Fstop or two of faster glass (since I'm not much of a limited DOF shooter)..not 'everyone' is like 'me'. And for that matter I'd rather have fast glass, even if it were manual focus...and not because it would make me feel rich It's because of the options it gives you at the moment of collision between the reality in front of the lens and the sensor in the back. A lot of times fast lenses are designed with not only aperture in mind. To be honest I'd rather have both (in other words give me more options), and don't think either makes the other obsolete. There are times in certain situations where faster glass is beneficial, and yes there are workarounds for most things in photography, but 'work' is a part of the word "workaround". There are situations where a blurred background is necessary (even though I think the tool is overused for convenience at times by some, rather than using other compositional tools that require thinking, or intuition) when the background is extremely busy and can't be changed or has no relation to the subject. There are also many situations where faster glass helps keep shutter speed up when you need it, since there aren't any completely noiseless sensors yet. Making a statement that fast lenses are obsolete I think will get the thread to 150...probably pretty quickly.

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