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Re: Fast sensors have made fast lenses obsolete

seilerbird666 wrote:

High ISO cameras, advanced shooting modes, Photoshop, and image stabilization have all contributed to making fast lenses a thing of the past.

Apart from the other reasons people mentioned, you don't seem to understand the nature of noise.

As the sensor QE getting closer to 100% (already half the way there), at a given exposure time, the noise is determined by the lens (or mirror) aperture (disregarding losses in glass, filters, etc.) and nothing else -- not by the sensor technology, not even by the sensor size, but by the effective aperture -- that's the maximum amount of light the camera can collect. Both SNR and DOF are the functions of the effective aperture. Even more interesting, for the same DOF you get the same SNR, and v.v., doesn't matter what sensor size or how good the technology are, as long as they have sufficiently high QE.

Now, are we anywhere near the point when the noise performance is good enough? -- Not even close. Look at DXO results, for OM-D to get SNR of 32dB (the lowest level still considered good) it must work at ISO under 600 -- very low for many shooting situations. There are only two ways to deal with it: bigger lenses, and better noise reduction algorithms to hide all that noise.

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