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2 Min Exposures have made fast lenses obsolete - I AGREE HA HA

If it was not for OMD EM-5 fast sensor with great ISO performance I could not use the gem of an f8 olympus body cap lens!

Im sorry but Photography is an mathematical equation of light.

Aperture and Sensor sensitivity both add different elements you can't substitute one for another.

Your statement is no different than stating longer exposures compensate for high ISO sensitivity.

Try to get your toddler to stand still or for that matter your mother in law or wife for 2 minutes.

I am aware that many people cant afford fast glass.

You push your equipment to the limits it has.  Some people get shots you don't its a fact.

I dont have a true Macro Lens 1x5 magnification.  Doesnot matter how many extension tubes I stack I will not get the same photos other will.

Keep Clam, keep shooting and making the most of the extra 3rd.


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