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Re: A long thread from 2-3 days ago made this thread obsolete...NOT!

dougjgreen1 wrote:

All of this was covered recently

Only the naysaying bit.

New things keep coming up- For instance we are learning that the next lens for Sony NEX FF will be a Zeiss 35/2.8.

Just as predicted: no need for a fast lens if you have a fast sensor.

Not covered also de dematerialization of the lenses. Liquid adaptive lenses (Canon Patent) or light conversion directly by sensors with no need of lenses.

In fact all the progress appears to be sensor led. So how to think that this won't have consequences on traditional lenses? In fact even SW corrected lenses are dematerialized by processing.

Another important consequence is that lenses don't hold their value anymore, because they are superseded by improved ones. I.e., by linear motors that actually cost less to produce.

There's a whole new world there that you pretend to ignore. If you have the sensor horsepower it make perfect sense to reorient your choice of optics.


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