the D4x is coming.

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Re: the D4x is coming.

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More likely to be a 22-26 MP with same 9-15 FPS (RAW-JPEG) on the EXPEED 4 (maybe dual-core). If it's 36MP with 6 FPS, might as well just have two D800s on CH mode next to each other shooting a split second apart for similar price (only drawback would be two lenses, but you'll have 2 bodies instead of one). Just illogical.

If it's 36MP, there's really no way to increase the pixel sizes to reduce the noise in higher ISOs.

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Looking to second shoot for a pro in NYC!

that is likely close to the spec of the D4S will be and it is about two years after the release of the base camera that the S version comes out so maybe the camera that is coming is not a D4X at all but instead the D4S is what's coming, then again it is usually after a year or so that the X version comes out so it could go either way at this point IMO. What is certain is a camera with the specs you describe would not be called the D4X since the X version is always the high resolution, low fps camera.

If history is any indicator, I don't recall Nikon ever releasing an S model that had more MP than the base model it replaces. Is there an example I'm forgetting?

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Mike Dawson

Nope.  Note that I said CLOSE to the spec of the D4S.

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