ZS19 died. Get LF1?? NO, -----> ZS25

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Erik Ohlson
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ZS19 died. Get LF1?? NO, -----> ZS25

OK, I loved the ZS19 I bought brand-new as soon as it was in stock at my local Costco:


-But then I killed it by bumping the lens into an airplane window during turbulence.

So I bought a "used" ZS19 with no guarantee, and it lasted just a bit over 90 days when IT's lens started having "Zoom Errors" and finally won't extend at all. Bad luck! Should have bought refurbished.

THen I bought ZS25 at a great price - at Costco - in hopes that I could like an LF1 and return the ZS25 with Costco's 90-day "No Questions" return policy.

Well, now the LF1 is out, and a lot of fine "OOC" pictures have been posted, and I am not impressed.

I was a long-time advocate on this forum for a "TZ-EVF Camera" but when it came out as the LF1 with only 7.1x zoom, I hoped that it's "NEW" lens would be sharp enough that with digital zoom it could be as useful as the ZS19/20, but, no.

That was a case of "Hoping against hope" - I actually think that the ZS lenses are state of the art or better - meaning that when everything is factored in, lens design has gone as far as it can for these sensor sizes: diffraction is the limiting factor, and unless we can get substantially larger apertures, this is as good as it gets - and it's plenty good enough for me. I bought & tested two slightly larger sensor cameras [LX7 & Canon S100] and they don't show enough better image to - basically - notice in day-to day shooting [which is MY criterion] particularly when you consider their limited zoom.

I love small in cameras, but the Canon S100 size LF1 isn't THAT much more pocketable to justify spending over twice the money as my new ZS25 + Clearviewer which I find as good as, or better than, an EVF, and some others do, too. Particularly a guy I introduced to the Clearviewer who has eye problems and finds the CV+camera better  than his unaided eye!

So, I'm keeping the ZS25, and still shooting in "A" Mode, wide open, ƒ3.3   


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