Bride shot C&C

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Re: Bride shot C&C

John Motts wrote:

yvind Strm wrote:

AND - you should also respond to the people you ask for help....

The OP has been on other threads since but appears to have abandoned this one.

Oops. This was not intentional... I apologize. A big thank you to all for the help and constructive comments. I'll try to respond to most.

Not sure why I didn't go down to f/2.8 at 70mm. That would have made more sense. I've been accidentally hitting the aperture dial on the battery grip and sometimes forget to check it before I shoot again...

As for the posing, I know that's one thing I need to work on.

As for edits, I like Carsten's edit, but maybe not as much blur...

I knew we were going to the park, but yes, I should have had an eye on the time. I was following the limo so when they pulled over so did I. For the flash, we only had 10 minutes at that location, not just for that shot. So if i spend 5 minutes to setup, we'd only have 5 minutes get that shot and maybe a few others before continuing on. Then comes the question of flash power. At f/4, 1/400 ISO100 for ambient i would probably need to be at f/8-11 at 1/250 ISO 100 to get those highlights under control. That'd mean at least two flashes at full power in a shoot-through fairly close. With no assistant, i'd have to wrangle a bridesmaid/groomsmen to help out and I didn't think it'd be worth the time investment...

For that bright tree, yeah, my-bad. Gots to be mo careful!

yvind Strm

"I think you turned it from a disaster into a pretty decent picture."

Ouch.  Disaster might be a little harsh.  Not saying its the bees knees though... I guarantee I wont make the same mistakes next time! (Probably)

I'll monkey around with it in photoshop and see what i can come up with and re-post.

Thanks again and sorry for taking so long to thank everyone for the help!


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