Questions for Experienced Sony/Pentax (recent) migrants to Nikon..

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Re: Questions for Experienced Sony/Pentax (recent) migrants to Nikon..

Not sure how directly this answers your question(s) but here goes:

As for features, the most important one for me is catch-in-focus (or "trap focus").  This can be accomplished on the D300s/D700, though more complicated than K5.  K5 makes it very easy.  For high speed nature work, some street work, and even some sports work this is a lesser-known but important feature.  In terms of color/saturation, I prefer the look of the Pentax files.

I was a long time Pentax user (ZX-5n (film), K10D, K20D, K7, K5), and switched to Nikon two years ago.  Went from K5 to D300s and D700.  The primary reason was for work (website) - since I was doing a variety of portrait work I wanted a more complete lighting system.  And if there was something in my system/setup that I needed in short order (while on location), most local camera stores carry Canon/Nikon items.  Any Pentax items that are out of the ordinary can be hard to find, and you just don't see a lot of support in local stores (though that is improving).  For nature work (longer shots), I also wanted a better AF system as well as a more complete system (Nikon teleconverters are very good, and work seamlessly with the Nikon lenses - Pentax is far behind in that category).

Particular cameras (in comparison to K5):

D300s:  less features like filters, but very versatile and setup allows for wide customization.  Much quicker autofocus, and can shoot up to 8 fps (though keep in mind it can only do that when shooting 12-bit files).  If you want to shoot the full 14-bit files it drops to 2.5 fps.  Shooting in it's "sweet spot" range (ISO 100 - ISO 800), is extremely sharp/clear and can easily be used for studio work, and printing decent size prints.  If your biggest concern is high ISO, the K5 (and K5 II, and K5 IIs) will blow it out of the water after ISO 800.  That's the primary limitation.  Otherwise the D300s is a near flawless APS-C camera.  If I could literally take the K5 II sensor and put it in my D300s I'd be VERY happy.

D700:  same menu system as D300s (and same battery grip/batteries) - so easy to use as a pair.  Same fast AF as D300s, but is full frame, so MUCH cleaner files.  I've been able to print acceptable prints with shots at ISO 5000 and even above - I wouldn't say that's recommended - but can be done.  Main point is that you get so much more flexibility with high ISO (probably a stop or two better than K5).  For nature/sports work, the special battery you can add will also get you up to 8 fps, though unlike the D300s, you can shoot 8 fps when shooting 14-bit files (though the buffer will fill up quicker).  I don't use DSLRs for much video work, so that's not a limitation for me (D300s has video (but outdated - only shoots up to 720p), D700 does not have video).  The newer Nikons have certainly moved WAY ahead in the video category. The primary reason for getting the D700 was having the ability to shoot in low light situations where flash was not allowed.  My guess is that the D600/D800 are now at a new level with the low-light capability, though I haven't used them.  I'm currently looking at D7100 as possible replacement for D300s, but waiting for Nikon's fall announcements before doing anything.

Hope that helps,


Devendra wrote:

I often think that Sony/Pentax's are ahead of the curve in terms of innovative features - not denying that Nikon isn't. I just believe that Nikon is more balanced and practical, while other camera manufacturers features often may not be practical, or may be impractically implemented. Yet, there is a potential in the features (big or small) that would be nice to have in your Nikon's, or could be improved up.

So my questions are pretty straight forward:

1. Which feature(s) is missing in Nikon - and how it was potentially helpful to you as an experienced photographer

2. Which feature(s) is better/creatively implemented in Sony/Pentax?

Note: You can cover features that are already implemented or going to be implemented after your migration.

For example nikon had features like intervalotimer, onboard flash, ondemand grid lines, gps connectivity.. etc since 2005.. or even earlier. Spot metering tied to AF points is in every model Group metering is something that Nikon does not have. Fuji S series has great skin tones while maintaining vibrant colors on non-skin areas.

Feel free to add as much as possible, since I am interested in reading and understanding your perspective.


PS: if possible include feature words in subject line for easier identification

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