What happens to EXR? After F900EXR

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Re: What happens to EXR? After F900EXR

CAcreeks wrote:

prime wrote:

Otherwise, the XF1 pretty much duplicates all of the features, construction quality, and photographic capability of the X10 with a newer, faster processing CPU.

Slower lens at the long end, though.

X10 is f/2.0 - f/2.8

XF1 is f/1.8 - f/4.9

Yes, at the long end, the XF1's lens is about 1.5 stops slower than the lens of the X10, and (to put that in perspective) about as fast as the kit lens sold with the X-M1, but faster than the lenses on the superzoom F-series Fujifilm compacts.

What kind of deal did you guys get on the XF1?

I [blush] paid $166 for our XF1.

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