RX100 vs RX100M2 RAW samples from ISO100 to 6400

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Re: create and use your own profiles for the M2

Roland Schulz wrote:

There where many posts that the M2 would be worse in sharpness and resolution compared to the M1.
I´d call myself a pixel peeper sometimes, but I see NO loss in resolution in the M2 files. From my cameras the M2 is even better in the long end corners but this seems to be due to better lens tolerances I´m sure.

I think a back-illuminated sensors with 40% greater area of the receiving light must increase the blur because the 40% greater area is only to the edges of the neighboring pixels. The result must theoretically be a kind of anti-aliasing or blur filter.

It seems that the M2 has a different color response compared to the M1. ACR/LR doesn´t support own profiles for the M2 yet so these may not be my final findings.
The M1 sometimes clipped heavy reds, the M2 looks slightly better controlled. M2 is somewhat less saturated, but also that can be compensated. In the end it´s to early to place a final thought here.
WB shows totally different values in LR5. It´s about 4800k on the M1 where the M2 comes to about 7200k when both are calibrated to the same white subject. This may also be due to "wrong" color profiles in LR5.

It is possible to create and use your own profiles for the M2. For this, only the bug (use only M1 Profiles for M2) in ACR/LR needs to be bypassed, how?
- normal create DNG profile for the M2
- use dcpTool to decompile the binary DCP file to XML
- change <UniqueCameraModelRestriction> from 'Sony DSC-RX100M2' to 'Sony DSC-RX100'
- use dcpTool to compile the XML back to a binary DCP file

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