What happens to EXR? After F900EXR

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Re: What happens to EXR? After F900EXR

painterdude wrote:

[re:  XF1]

do not let this cute camera cause you to forget your true destiny grasshoppper

There is a cohort on this forum who make the false syllogism:

  • The XF1 is pocketably small
  • The XF1 is stylish
  • Therefore, the XF1 is just like any other small point 'n' shoot

In fact, the XF1 is basically an X10 with the viewfinder removed to save size and mass and without a filter thread on the lens to allow fuller retraction into the camera body, again to make the camera more compact.  Otherwise, the XF1 pretty much duplicates all of the features, construction quality, and photographic capability of the X10 with a newer, faster processing CPU.

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