Vignetting in RAW Converter EX by Silkypix

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Re: Looks like a Mac fault - try a reinstall

Trevor G wrote:

prime wrote:

I reopened the .RAF file, found the Lens aberration controller icon, opened the tool (it was a tool that I never had opened before), and immediately saw that the Shading slider was way to the right at 95. How it got there, I do not know;

There are 2 controls/sliders in there.

By default my Windows install sits the Amount slider at 100 and the Angle slider at 24 at tele, and Angle goes up to 75 at the wide end.

Please recall that the discussion of this thread is about vignetting, which relates to the Shade slider, not about perspective correction, to which, presumably, the Amount and Angle sliders relate.

Both have default posiitons depending on the image, indicated by the ˇ symbol.

When I loaded the .RAF file from which I had created the first JPEG image in the initial post in this thread, and then opened up the Lens aberration controller tool (the first time I ever had opened it -- I had not opened that tool when I created the JPEG), the Shade slider was way over to the right and the the ˇ symbol, indicating the default position, was way over to the left. When I moved the slider left to the ˇ symbol, the vignetting problem disappeared.

in the tens of thousands of images I have opened and processed in Silkypix using Windows that has never happened to me.

For photo editing, I use a Mac; for everything else, I run eComStation (née IBM OS/2), so I am not qualified to comment on the Windows version of Silkypix EX. As to the Mac version, I cannot check whether the installation was faulty when I created the earlier JPEG because, coincidentally, I have upgraded to Silkypix version (I think it had been at version before) within the past couple of days.

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