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Re: Fast sensors have made fast lenses obsolete

seilerbird666 wrote:

Quite a while ago in fact.

However there still are a few people who watch Betamax tapes, listen to records and use a land line so there will always be a few people who refuse to come into the modern world. They hang on to past technologies like it is a winning lottery ticket. They refuse to admit that new technology is better and they refuse to even try it.

High ISO cameras, advanced shooting modes, Photoshop, and image stabilization have all contributed to making fast lenses a thing of the past.

The economics are amazing. A Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS lens is $2500. The exact same lens in f4 costs $1000. While there might be a few people in the world that can justify spending $1500 for one more stop, the overwhelming majority would laugh at such an idea.

Well, there's no doubt that something momentous is happening with smart phones.

One must be a bit unconventional to take the consequences. There are also the new devices for lifelogging, which are not much more than a fisheye and a hardisk. When you are back at home you magnify at will.

But even on Oly cameras you have a digital teleconverter that is suprisingly good. The SW uprezzes the crop. Now this means that in case of need you have s second lens twice the focal!. Of course you must have a sensor with good resolution and fast processing power - but that's happening!

People don't take the consequences of Computational Photography, because they are invested in expensive lenses, often without need, since they don't earn a living with it.

Never touch the luxury items of the rich, otherwise they'll shoot you in some wild countries.

I can see that this thread is going to be another  150 replies roallercoaster...


PS please note that I always specified that slower less expensive lenses can have the same or better resolution than the faster ones, like it happened for the first rangefinders that needed small lenses.

So better adapted lenses for small size, with no loss of resolution.

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