Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

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Re: The EOS-M and its future.

Marco Nero wrote:

Jonathan Brady wrote:

Are you one of the people that are shouting from the rooftops that Canon is abandoning the "M ship" in the US because they haven't released the 11-22 in the US? Are you convinced that the M is the last iteration of the line to hit US soil?

By getting deep market penetration with the EOS-M, a camera they were probably considering dumping due to poor reception, Canon have paved the way for a more expensive and refined mirrorless camera though two new models are said to be slated for release. One will be a successor to the EOS-M and the other will be aimed at the more serious photographer


in one move canon probably doubled the import sales in North America of mirrorless camera bodies.

They've also helped create their own market that was pretty much non existent.

If the R&D was already paid for on the original EOS-M body, then all canon has to recoup is manufacturing costs.

One reason why canon always seems to be #1 in sales even though their camera's are DxO superiors is installed base.  With a new market, it's more difficult to get that installed base, it's even less able to get that installed base in a market that is resistant to the product.

However if you are loss leadering a product to build an install base, you don't attempt to bring too many things in at a loss at one time.

selling the 11-22 in the units required for the US - is a loss leader.  Canon loses money as compared to anywhere else in the world selling into North America.

if anyone thinks differently - do the conversion between YEN and USD and the original 11-22mm price - it will come out to around 510 USD. 6 months ago - it would have been closer to 600 USD.

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