What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: What computer to easily process D800 files?

Thanks, this is something i was looking into. I was thinking to save on the video card, as I'm not planning to run games on it. But I hope an entry level Ati or Nvidia with 2 gigs should do it.

My experience index is 6.7, because of the gfx. All the other numbers are around 7.5

PhotoKaz wrote:

hajagosb wrote:

At the moment, I'm using an almost two years old Dell XPS laptop with SSD drive, 16GB RAM and i7 processor running Windows 8. It should be fast.

I'm doing heavy retouching often, 2-4 GB layered Photoshop files and sometimes for events processing a lot of files in Lightroom. And my computer feels kind of slow for both.

What do you have, where it's really fast in response? What should i focus on choosing a new computer, more memory, or faster processor? I'm going for a desktop now.

What type of numbers are you getting on the Windows Experience Index?

Don't skimp on the video card. I upgraded my computer for D800 files too but left the graphics card to the end. I was still not happy with performance despite the following setup:

i7 2600K over clocked to 4.5GHz (on air)


5-drive RAID-5 array for data, fast and has redundancy.

Samsung SSD for OS and my LR catalog

Intel SSD (older) for swap file, temp files, and scratch disk

I noticed that NIK plugins had the biggest slow down, and I like Silver Efex Pro. I upgraded my video card to an Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost and it made a lot of difference. Not an expensive card, but it has a fast GPU and 2GB of RAM on-board. Now I'm finally satisfied with the performance.

Still running Win7 64-bit and won't switch to Win8 until 8.1 is out.

Hope that helps.

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