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Re: Thom Hogan: Nikon "Captain" of a "sinking ship" and failed to meet execs' goal

You've completely missed the point of the article. Nikon's goal has been to beat Canon in market share for several years now, and it just might do it - but because the overall camera market, especially the point and shoot market, is shrinking precipitously. The "sinking ship" is the overall camera market; Thom's point is Nikon's goal is now essentially phyrric. EVERYBODY is sinking. Of what use is being top dog in a drowning pack?

Of more interest are his comments about the entire industry's misguided product marketing strategies.

This recent article in

captures the overall malaise, which is definitely not limited to just the DSLR purveyors. Until the camera industry wakes up and makes coherent product families that actually solve the changing photographic needs of the market rather than just fling spaghetti at a wall, there will be further bleeding.  Mirrorless and Reflex together - Canon and Sony and Oly as well as Nikon.

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