"25% better high ISO performance"

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Re: "25% better high ISO performance"

tt321 wrote:

What does this mean? When you say "10% better resolution than the previous model" it probably meant that where the previous model would be able to resolve 10 line pairs under a certain situation, the new one would be able to do 11.

Latest rumor says that they eliminate the AA filter. That's probably the 10% better resolution.

However, 25% high ISO performance? 25% of what? Numerically upping the ISO by 25%? That's not a lot. Whereas a previous model was only able to do ISO 1000, now you can do ISO 1250. Yeah, but so what?

My German is not very good, but coaxing Google translate, what they actually seemed to be saying was more like 'improved signal to noise ratio by introducing a special circuit that reduces read noise by 25%".

The GX1 had good enough high ISO read noise that a 25% reduction is meaningless. The sensor noise levels were low enough that troubles at high ISO were really just due to low light. Higher sensitivity would help, but the German article indicates (though this could be wrong) that it only improved 10% which would still put it behind the E-M5.

The special circuit could be related to the builtin gamma that has been mentioned in the latest rumor.  While that could have great implications for dynamic range at base ISO and ISOless operation, it wouldn't help higher ISOs.  Indeed, don't expect high ISOs to improve significantly until we see the color splitters, though the organic sensors might help a decent amount.

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