What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: What computer to easily process D800 files?

mistermejia wrote:

i certainly don't think you need a faster processor than an i7. I am NOT a computer geek, but a computer geek did explaining to me that depending on what application you are running, that particular program will run faster with an i3 CPU than if you had an i7. That is just the way they are design, again, different CPUs are made for different purposes, and if you are not using SPECIFIC heavy duty programs that require to run multiple CPU'S, then an i7 will not be as efficient as an i3 processor.

That depends on how the application is written.  An i7 has more cores and a slower clock rate.  However, applications like Photoshop does not tread across cores hence it is running in just one core.  That means an i3 with a faster clock rate will run faster.  The other issue with Photoshop is its architecture. It is a memory hog.  Once you chew up the available memory it has to use virtual memory (which is disk). Virtual memory is slow compared to physical memory.  Even with 16 GB having multiple layers of a D800 shot will chew up memory fast which is what OP is experiencing.

Where four cores come in handy is when you have more than one process up.  With two cores you have the underlying OS overhead in one core and the application in another.  If you do anything else you are sharing a core.  With more cores you can have more applications active.

A lap top is fine if you have it in a stand where it gets a lot of air flow on both sides.  In using photoshop with any application taking care to not keep a lot of extraneous layers around will prove very helpful - especially with a large pixel count camera like the D800.

That is one of many reasons a Adobe photo editing product has not been on my system since about 1997.

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