For 22mm shooters: Is the 18-55 worth adding?

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Re: For 22mm shooters: Is the 18-55 worth adding?

WT21 wrote:

I have an EOS-M specifically for the 22mm (lens/price combo is hard to beat!). But for versatility's sake, I'm considering the 18-55, though I also have a Sony RX100, so maybe I don't need the 18-55??

The question is for 22mm shooters: do you honestly find a place/use for the 18-55?

I started where you have. I did feel that I didn't need to spend more for the 18-55. After reading up on the 18-55 and knowing I could buy new off eBay at a around $150 I decided to do it. The benefit of adding a slightly wider and still sharp lens made it a good decision for me. The lens is about as good as my 18-55 Fuji X was and at a fraction of the cost.

You never can predict how things will go with the M camera. If a new model follows the price of the lens alone could very well lose its discount pricing out there now.

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