Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

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Re: The EOS-M and its future.

I agree with Marco Nero's general line of thinking about the M.

I think the Canon M is a fine rehearsal for things to come. The three M lenses are sharp and cover a lot of important focal lengths, the camera itself is fun to use, image quality is very good. Plus, the new sensor in the 70D holds a lot of promise for the M.

Canon has created a lot of market excitement for its mirrorless line. If it hadn't been for the new firmware and fire sale, I would have continued happily along with 7Ds, 5Ds, and S95s. The recent forum post here about Richard Franiec grips is a good example of what is going on in the Canon mirrorless line. Richard looked into doing a grip and found no interest early on. A few months and a fire sale later, lots of people are eager to pick up some of his custom work for this camera. Why? Because now the M has found the enthusiasts. Canon's prestige alone wasn't enough to establish it in the saturated American marketplace -- one in which consumer confidence is still struggling to get past the Great Recession and most of us are still somewhat looking over our shoulders.

Now there is an awareness of that the M exists and isn't half bad.

And now the enthusiasts are following the typical pattern: euphoria, then nitpicking, then worrying about what's next.

It's now a prime market for the mirrorless Canons.

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