The terrible Lumix 14mm.??? 2nd try

Started Jul 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
Hongze New Member • Posts: 5
It is terrific even when I get a terrible copy.

I bought three of it off ebay for $160 each and keep two. One for myself, one for a friend and one as an exchange of a defective one out of the former two. The one that is defective got a little blurry on the left 1/3 frame when wide open. The good one is sharp across at 2.5.

The bad one clearly educated me that a lens quality is far more than sharpness. It gives me images that pop just like the good one. There is some quality in color, contrast and 3D presentation that seems unique to the/a prime lens. Also, it takes some time and different situations to compare lenses. ppl didn't actually "feel" the capacity of a lens when they simply saying my 14-4xmm is just as sharp.


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