Same day edit and slideshow on weddings

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Re: Same day edit and slideshow on weddings
2 - Since there's no time for any "editing", how do you feel about unprocessed images being viewed?

3 - Who oversees operation? I know I don't have the time at a wedding. I'm too busy. My assistant MIGHT have a free moment to fill (not usually), but it might be ONLY to set things up and start the show. Doesn't it need some sort of supervision?

I plan to do it during wedding reception.
In Croatia where I work and live, we usually have 4 or 5 meals during reception and 60-90 minutes of dancing between meals, so if you don't eat first meal (and I usually don't eat first few meals) you have those pauses when people are eating for selecting and editing photos.

I guess 45 min is enough for selecting and basic "editing" of 20 photos, and later during the night you could add 20-30 more.

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