Musings of a long time 4/3 user...

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Musings of a long time 4/3 user...

I've been shooting 99.9% (by actual count) of all my photography with Olympus 4/3 cameras since 2006. (the other 10th of a percent goes to my Canon DSLRs (3 cameras)).

I have, (or had) the following E-1/300/500/330/510/520/620 and a Panasonic L-1. I have 2 of the E-1 and 2 of the 620.

I have always been pleased with the shots I get with these cameras (note, I didn't say "thrilled" but "pleased", thrilled is a sometimes thing.)

I still have all of the cameras except the E-500, and I still shoot with them.

I hope against hope that a new DSLR with an OVF is in the future, and that I can afford it when it comes...

I also have a few M4/3 cameras (EPL1/EP3/G1/G3).

I like the M4/3 system BUT I dont think of it as a "replacement" for a DSLR (not even close).

I dont NEED a new camera, as I have retired from Pro-work,  Im just getting too old and tired to do the work I did.

It is my personal opinion that the E-620 is probably the best thing ever done by Olympus for the shooter that wants a small/lightweight  body camera. I have certainly gotten some stunning shots with mine, and I was surprised to see just how well it could shoot ISO 800 and 1600 if proper exposure is used.

So I'm hoping for a DSLR with a new sensor, and new IBIS, hoping for small and lite, and hoping I can afford it...

In the meantime, I can still shoot with all the stuff I own, and be pleased, and sometimes thrilled the the results.

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