Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

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Re: Just sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the curtain to go up (or down).

MisterPootieCat wrote:

There's certainly no shortage of theories about the future of the M platform, some more plausible than others.

The recent free fall in the price of the EOS M has certainly made owner's out of a boatload of us and most of us have been surprised to find out it's a really decent camera. But at current prices (which have finally gotten the product out the warehouse) I'm guessing Canon is going to be thinking long and hard about the EOS M replacement. There's simply no way that Canon is making any money on this camera at these stupid cheap prices. Keep in mind the vendors are almost certainly getting the camera for less than what they sell it for. It may only be ten or twenty dollars but it cuts a little deeper and means even more of a loss for Canon.

We would expect any future M to address the flaws in the current model, but all of this comes at a price. How much more is the public willing to spend? And the general consensus is the MILC market just isn't doing well. What would Canon have to do to generate sales BUT make a profit in this segment? They were late getting into the MILC market and lost ground is doubly hard to recover from.

For me, if the M dies tomorrow I'll be okay with that. I'm enjoying mine a lot more than I thought I would but wouldn't spend more than $600 on an upgrade, and then only if it came with a lens.

I think the SL1/100D is going to be much more successful IMO. And I can see the 100D/18-55 kit dropping to $600 around Christmas, kneecapping the M successor even further.

But then there's the possibility that Canon might keep the M platform alive and accept the idea it will always be sold at a loss, not likely IMO.

Canon makes their own sensors. I dont think anyone outside of Canon knows or understands the economy of that operation. They appear to use "stone-age" technology leftover from cpu manufacturers, along with R&D to design good sensors on top of it.

If they deem that the "EOS-M2" may be successful and profitable if they use the sensor of the 70D or a derivative in order to "fix" AF, without hurting total Canon profitability (including 100D/700D/70D sales), why would they not?

If the 70D dual-pixel technology is really as good as we are made to believe and it is still produced using the same process technology, I don't think that the direct manufacture cost is that much more for Canon than the EOS-M sensor, while the potential for making the EOS-M system relevant is quite large.


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