Questions for Experienced Sony/Pentax (recent) migrants to Nikon..

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Questions for Experienced Sony/Pentax (recent) migrants to Nikon..

I often think that Sony/Pentax's are ahead of the curve in terms of innovative features - not denying that Nikon isn't. I just believe that Nikon is more balanced and practical, while other camera manufacturers features often may not be practical, or may be impractically implemented. Yet, there is a potential in the features (big or small) that would be nice to have in your Nikon's, or could be improved up.

So my questions are pretty straight forward:

1. Which feature(s) is missing in Nikon - and how it was potentially helpful to you as an experienced photographer

2. Which feature(s) is better/creatively implemented in Sony/Pentax?

Note: You can cover features that are already implemented or going to be implemented after your migration.

For example nikon had features like intervalotimer, onboard flash, ondemand grid lines, gps connectivity.. etc since 2005.. or even earlier. Spot metering tied to AF points is in every model Group metering is something that Nikon does not have. Fuji S series has great skin tones while maintaining vibrant colors on non-skin areas.

Feel free to add as much as possible, since I am interested in reading and understanding your perspective.


PS: if possible include feature words in subject line for easier identification

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