Olympus OM-D EM-5 3D shots

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Re: There is an invisible Cha Cha - not!

hdr wrote:

Nowadays whenever I do cha-cha shots, I always turn on the screen grid and use that for alignment. The only problem is that the grid may not have enough lines. For accurate reference, more lines on the grid overlay is better. Using the grid, I first line up a reference point on the scene at one part of the grid and then use the same point to line up the second shot after moving. Of course this method is not ideal for hyper stereo shots as then convergence will result.

I should probably start a new thread for this question (if you agree let me know and I'll do just that) but I'm wondering whether the reference point you line up is a foreground, main subject,or background point?

Obviously this choice determines whether foreground elements will protrude from the "window" or not after processing. I usually find this effect undesirable, but in the case of images where the main subject is in the background (and full frame width) but with a detailed foreground (leaves or foliage for example) I have a lot of difficulty trying to avoid it.

Is this what you mean by "hyper stereo" shots?

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