RX100 vs RX100M2

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Re: One important difference from a traditional waist-level finder...

newellj wrote:

I like the tilt screen...the fully articulated screens scare me, really. I worry a lot about knocking them off. The Oly and now the Sony screens don't give me those worries.

Worries about the delicacy of fully articulated LCD screens seem to be pretty common, but reports of actual problems with them are not.   There are a fair number of compact and DSLR cameras with that type of screen, and I don't think I've ever seen a post complaining about a failure of the articulated hinge.

I've dropped my Canon A650, I've tried to twist the LCD screen the wrong way around on several occasions, and I've generally been less than gentle with it - but after 5 years it's still going strong.   The silver paint on the LCD bezel (and other parts of the camera) is rubbing off due to wear and tear, but that articulated hinge just never seems to give up.

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